Pricing + Packages

As of Jun 29th, 2020 the pricing options below are the only options. We no longer offer class packs or 1 month unlimited.

As of June 29th, 2020, we no longer offer college student or Pitt County School teacher discounts.

As of August 1st 2020, we are no longer accepting "Free Class Pass" cards with our old logo.

In Studio: $20
Live Stream: $7
Each pass is valid for single use only. 
Click desired option for purchase

OUTDOOR Yoga in the Park Classes are "Pay What You Can"
[choose between $0, $5, $10, $15 options]
Purchase and sign up for class 'HERE' 

3 In Studio / Outdoor / Online Classes
[aerial classes not included]

3 Week (21 day) Expiration from Date of First Booked Class
Valid for any new-to-our-studio student or returning students from before March 2020!

- 10% Off All Studio Merchandise -
- Monthly Members Only Email -
- Discounts on Series -
-  No Time Based Contract | No Sign Up Fee or Cancellation Fee -

- 4 classes per month -
- $60/month recurring auto draft-
- Additional Classes: $15 -
- 10% off all Class Series -

- 6 classes per month -
- $80/month recurring auto draft -
- Additional Classes: $13 -
- 20% off all Class Series -

- UNLIMITED classes each month -
- UNLIMITED ACCESS to our Vimeo On Demand Service! -
- $99/month recurring auto draft -
- 30% off all Class Series -

Click above to purchase gift cards for your loved ones in preset amounts or choose your own amount!

Series are priced based on the number of sessions in the series

Please see series you are interested in for full cost of series

PBY Members receive discounts on the full cost a series:

Santosha: 10% off any series

Satya: 20% off any series

Tapas: 30% off any series


At Purple Blossom, we understand how exciting it can be to want to share your love of yoga with others!
Earn $5 in studio account credit for each friend referral!  You will receive this credit one time per referred person BUT you can refer AS MANY FRIENDS AS YOU WANT!
Simply have them:
1. Create a Wellness Living Account here
2. When creating their studio account, under Referred By, the student must type in the email address associated with your WellnessLiving account and click search. On some platforms, they may need to click "more information" for this to pop up. This is for security purposes.
3. Select your account and finish setting up their new account.
4.Your account will automatically be credited with 500 points ($5 studio credit).
Person referred MUST input your information at sign up.
$5 credit reflects on studio account as 500 points.
You can redeem this as credit towards your monthly membership, studio merchandise or
events easily through the app, or email us and we will do it for you!

The following is applicable to our physical location:

We do not offer a mat rental. 
We do have props available for use free of charge.
Please check out our retail store during your next visit to add to your yoga prop collection!

You must be on time!

You must be on time to class! We do not admit people after class starts for social distancing purposes. Late cancellation policy will apply.

Mats and Props

Additional membership details:

Cancelation/Termination/Holds/Changes to Membership Policy 
Termination, cancellations, holds (pausing your membership for up to  a 6 month period), or changes to membership and membership tier option must be emailed (as a written notice) to the studio at 14 days in advance of your request and/or the day of the next billing cycle. Any inquiries made after this time period will be processed for the following billing cycle.  We cannot change, refund, or alter your membership after it has charged for the month. Partial month holds cannot be honored. There is no additional fee to cancel, terminate, hold or make a tier change to your membership.

Cancelation and/or No-Show/Late Policy 
If you need to cancel your registration for class, you can do so 12 hours before class with no penalty. If you cancel with less than 12 hours before your scheduled class or do not show up for class, you will lose your class pass (unlimited members: charged a $15 no show/late cancel fee).  Cancellations within 12 hours will be considered late. If a client late cancels, shows up after class start time or no-shows for a class, their pass for that class will be forfeited. The studio door locks at class start time and we do not accept late admittance.  

Sharing Membership Passes
We do not offer sharing of membership class passes to another person.

Declined Card Policy
In the event your card on file is declined you will be charged a $15.00 surcharge fee to reinstate your monthly membership recurring auto draft purchase. Memberships will be on hold until payment is updated and account due balance is back to zero. This clause is in effect for each time a card on file is processed and declined.  

Refunds and Redistribution of Funds:
We cannot refund your membership after it has been charged for the month. See Cancelation/Termination/Holds/Changes to Membership Policy. All sales and auto drafts are final and not subject to refund or redistribution of funds for other studio use.