Covid Reopening Policies and Procedures

Thank you for continuing to support us during the difficult time of Covid-19. While we thoroughly enjoyed our Zoom classes, we are excited to get back in the studio! We have taken a lot of steps to ensure the utmost cleanliness and safety at Purple Blossom for our students and teachers. Please view the information below to learn more about what we are doing to safely reopen.

Preregistration & Class Check In

  • Due to limited class sizes, it is now required that students pre-register for class.

    • We will no longer be doing in-studio transactions for classes; there are no exceptions to this at this time.

    • If you do not pre-register, you will be responsible for signing up via the app before the start of class time (if space is still available)

    • We ARE NOT taking cash transactions at this time

  • If you want to purchase retail, we will charge your card on file with your permission via contactless transaction

  • Upon approaching the studio, please look inside before opening the door to ensure lobby does not have more than 2 people in the front, then enter

Props + Mat Rentals

  • We are not offering mat rentals
    • Mats are for sale in the studio

  • Bolsters/blocks/straps/blankets:

    • Studio props will not be available for use in class

    • Students are welcome and encouraged to bring their own props to class

    • Students can also purchase props in our studio store via contactless transaction before or after class

    • Props will not be a central part to class as to not exclude students that do not have them

  • When we use plastic chairs, they will be disinfected with medical-grade cleaner 

Attendance + Registration Policies

  • As our class sizes are dramatically impacted by social distancing and sanitation procedures, we are updating our registration, attendance, and cancellation policies
    • Class sizes will be limited to 9 students until otherwise announced

    • It is now required to preregister for class to reserve your space

    • Cancellation Window: Students can cancel their class through WellnessLiving 12 hours ahead of class time without penalties.

    • Late Cancellation: Students that cancel within the 12-hour window before class or fail to show for class will lose their class pass (unlimited members: $15 late cancel fee)

    • UNLIMITED MEMBERS: If you late cancel or do not show up for class, you will be charged a $15 no show fee. This fee will charge to the card your membership drafts from

    • If you are ill or experience emergency and must late cancel within the 12-hour window, you must call or email the studio within 2 hours of class start time to request an exemption

  • If no one is signed up for class 1 hour before class time, the class will be cancelled

  • These policies apply to both in person and online live stream classes 


  • Effective immediately, We are no longer offering college student or Pitt County School teacher discounts

  • Veterans and Seniors 65+: We are offering 5% off the drop in and three autodraft options 

    • For new students/members that would qualify for the 5%, they must purchase and sign up online at the regular rate.

    • When they come to class, they must bring some form of ID to show they are a senior or veteran.

    • We will then add the 5% discount to their account for all future purchases/autodrafts as well as a credit for 5% from their initial purchase to be used in the future.

Additional Instructions and Methods:

  • Air Purification: 

    • The front and back doors will be opened between classes to air the space out

  • Hand Sanitizer:

    • We now have a touchless hand sanitizer dispenser by the front door to use upon entry

  • Cleaning supplies:

    • The following cleaning supplies are used within the studio:

      • Cavicide

      • 7th Gen Wipes

      • Floor mop: Norwex Superior Mop System for wet and dry cleaning

  • Retail Store and Purchasing Retail

    • Please look at our retail at the wonderful items to enhance your practice!

    • Please avoid touching items until sure you are going to purchase

    • Inform staff you want to purchase items and staff will assist you in collecting and processing items for contactless transaction

    • We will charge your card on file with your permission

Before Class Movement

  • We have updated our lobby space for seamless traffic flow. Please be aware of this upon entrance and follow signage/verbal instructions
  • Upon approaching the studio, please look inside before opening the door to ensure the lobby does not have more than 2 people

  • Upon entering the studio, please use hand sanitizer on wall to the left of the door

  • Let staff know your name and immediately place items in plastic cubby bin starting with number 9

  • If you only have your shoes and keys, please place your keys in/on your shoes and place underneath bench
    Go directly to a labeled mat space corresponding to your cubby number, lie your items down, and go wash your hands

    • Cubbies, mat spaces, and wall spaces will be labeled 1 through 9 and filled in numerical order upon student arrival. This design is to help minimize movement and crossing of paths amongst students.

Social Distancing During Class

  • Class sizes are now limited to 9 people for the foreseeable future

    • Mat spaces have been measured to be a minimum of 6 feet apart

    • Mat spaces and wall spaces are numbered 1 - 9

    • Staff/teacher will instruct you which mat space to access and how to filter about the room

    • Wall spaces will be labeled 1 through 9 for each assigned mat space to go to when using wall as to not walk too close to another person

  • Cubbies will be labeled 1 through 9, also

  • Students will remain with their respective number through each visit and this number will be tracked in their class attendance notes for potential tracking reasons

  • Hands-On Assistance

    • There will be no hands-on assists in any class

    • Teachers will teach from their mat to help mitigate the spread of respiratory droplets

Studio Precautions

  • Students that do not follow the new policies will not be permitted to take class and late cancellation penalties will apply. These policies are in addition to our current policies
    Practice Caution

    • Do not come to class if you are feeling under the weather, including, but not limited to flu or covid-like symptoms. If you register for class and decide that it is best to cancel, please email the studio immediately. While we must uphold our new policies, we understand exceptions may need to be made

    • Please do not come to class if you are experiencing coughing, regardless of the reason

  • Masks

    • Wearing masks can help mitigate asymptomatic spread of the coronavirus

    • Students are welcome to wear masks in class, but it will not be required

    • Instructors may wear masks at their own discretion, but is not required by Purple Blossom Yoga

    • Please act responsibly for yourself and those you live with

Studio Cleaning

  • Staff will clean the following before and after every class:

    • Clean Class Prep Checklist includes:

      • Vacuum carpet

      • Sweep/mop bathroom

      • Sweep/mop studio floor

      • Sanitize with either Clorox wipes or disinfectant

      • spray and a hand towel and wipe down the following surfaces:

        • Toilet handle

        • Bathroom safety rails

        • Bathroom sink faucet

        • Bathroom door handle (inner and outer)

        • Thermometer surface

        • Back counter

        • Light switches

        • Any cubbies used by students from class

        • Front benches

        • Tablet

        • Studio door handle (inner and outer)


  • Please arrive to class a minimum 5 minutes ahead of class start time so that everyone can be checked in and set up for class on time

    • Students that are not in class on time will no longer be permitted entrance and late cancellation policies will be applied

    • This is to prevent unnecessary movement and traffic in the studio once all students are in place for class

  • Please leave any unnecessary items that you do not immediately need for your yoga practice at home or in your car

    • We recommend placing your keys in/on your shoes and leaving any extra clothes in your car

  • Please change clothes before coming to the studio, when possible

Bathroom Floor

  • Please do NOT wear shoes on the bathroom floor

  • We are barefoot throughout the entire studio aside from directly inside the front and back doors

  • All floors and vacuumed and cleaned between each class

  • Placing dirty shoes on the bathroom floor introduces dirt and germs

  • The bathroom floor is no different than the main studio floor that we all remain barefoot on

After Class Movement

  • Instructor will ask students to exit floor space one at a time, beginning with closest spot number 1, avoiding crowding the lobby space
  • The next student can sit on the bench on the retail side while waiting for social distance space
  • Students can also use this time to socialize, at their mats
  • Remove your items from your cubby 
  • Once all students have exited studio, teacher/staff will follow Clean Class Prep Checklist again

Outdoor Yoga Policies

  • Due to class capacity limits and social distance requirements, students MUST pre-register on our website and sign waiver before coming to any outdoor class.

  • What will be offered:

    • Hand Sanitzer

    • Water Bottles ($1 even, cash or can charge card on file)

    • Bug-repelling incense will be placed around practice area.

  • You must wear a mask until you are ON your mat, then you can choose to remove mask for physical distance socializing and practice.

  • No temps will be taken due to heat.

  • Mats, towels and props will NOT be provided.

  • Class capacity will be capped at 22 people.

  • Weather cancellations:

    • In the event of inclement weather, the class will be moved to Zoom or indoors at Purple Blossom Yoga Studio (TBD).

    • Evening classes will be moved and students will be notified 2 hours before class time.

    • Morning classes will be moved and students will be notified by 8pm the night before

    • No refunds for inclement weather. You can choose to use your pass purchase for a different class, if desired.

  • Purple Blossom Yoga cancellation restrictions apply (must cancel 12 hours in advance or lose your pass, unlimited members charged no-show fee).


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