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Experience Bliss.

Take your yoga practice off the mat with Aerial Yoga. Founded in Anti-Gravity Aerial Yoga Fitness and techniques, our aerial yoga classes are open for anyone interested in expanding their yoga practice. Although a basic yoga practice is helpful, it is not required.

Our weekly aerial classes are available via Aerial Drop In or one of our Flier Packages.

Special Aerial Events like Floating Hammock Massage & Soundbath and Full Moon Float are separate prices and not included for use with the flier packages.

Weekly Aerial Class Offerings

Level 0* Restorative and Relaxation with the Aerial Hammock
Our Restorative Aerial Workshop focuses the mind through powerful visualizations as it floats the body through a series of gentle gyro-kinetic motions, deeply opening the entire spine, hips, and connective tissues of the body. This technique features various forms of flowing spinal traction. It offers accessibility to students with physical limitations but is loved by all as a portal into deeper spinal flexibility, and mind-body connection. Taught in a sequential flow to music, the class incorporates levitating meditations, supported inversions, joint opening poses, and a floating savasana. Working from a low hammock height allows for the gentle opening of the hips and spine. 

Level: Beginner

Prerequisites: None. No experience is required.

Level 1* Learn to Fly: Intro to Aerial Basics

This Hammock Basics: Aerial Yoga FUNdamentals workshop introduces the basics of safety and inverting. The class will begin with the hammock low to the ground to learn safe inversion practices before adjusting to a higher height to take flight. Basic stretching sequences will also be included. Students will be shown an introduction to the AntiGravity hammock, taught beginning grips, wraps, and traps, and learn the methods of zero-compression inversions! Students will learn how to invert (go upside down) and come back up on their own by the end of class. This class will leave you feeling happier, healthier, lighter, and taller! 

Level: Beginner

Prerequisites: None. No experience required

Level 2* Foundations in Flight: Aerial Technique Workshop
Increase your knowledge of basic aerial skills that build toward triumphant feats of flight. Be empowered, be present, and be supported in discovering your potential! Students will learn more advanced grips, wraps, and traps, learn to invert and climb up the hammock and will learn and experience various types of inversions. It’s time to access our inner strength, embrace the impossible and find our wings! This class will leave you feeling happier, healthier, accomplished, and taller!

Level: Intermediate

Prerequisites: Must have taken Level 1 Hammocks Basics course OR a previous aerial workshop in the last year. All enrolled students must be able to invert and come back up safely on their own.

Level 2* Take Flight: Soaring Aerial Special

If you’ve flown with us before, you know this is gonna be good! Our Aerial Special includes inversions and therapeutic techniques for fun and play and restoration based on group and individual skill levels. Students can expect a fun experience with a lot of flying and play followed by relaxation in the hammock. It is recommended that students have taken an aerial class with Anna previously before signing up.

Level: Intermediate

Prerequisites: Must have taken Level 1 Hammocks Basics course OR a previous aerial workshop in the last year. All enrolled students must be able to invert and come back up safely on their own.


Aerial Drop in

 One time single use drop in


Frequent Flier Package

Includes 4 passes

Expires 2 months from date of purchase


High Flier Package

Includes 8 passes

Expires 2 months from date of purchase


.Challenge Yourself.

Strengthen Your Connections.

Private Sessions

Private individual aerial sessions are available to learn and build on foundational techniques to advance in the aerial hammock and increase skill and technique for level 2/3-style classes.

We also offer aerial group private sessions for:

  • bachelorette parties
  • birthday parties
  • bridal showers
  • workplace team building
  • kids birthday parties
  • group bonding experiences
  • girls’ night out 

 Aerial Yoga Policies

Clothing & Masks

Wear a tighter fitting t-shirt (no tank tops allowed) and long leggings. Covering the skin will keep you protected and able to freely move. Jewelry and long, pointed fingernails can rip the hammock fabric, therefore NO JEWELRY OF ANY KIND, INCLUDING APPLE WATCHES, will be worn during these workshops. Please leave these items at home. Please have your fingernails short and trimmed.

Water & Food

Bring a bottle of water with you. We have a bottle refilling station and PBY water bottles for sale out of the studio. It is recommended to eat something light about an hour before flying, as practicing aerial yoga on a completely full or empty stomach can cause stomach upset.

Health Status

Reach out to us at contact@purpleblossomyogastudio.com if you have any of the following: high or low blood pressure; glaucoma; vertigo; a recent surgery; recent illness or injury; pregnancy; heart abnormalities; history of fainting[ botox within the last 6 hours.

Cancellation & No Show Policy

Cancellations more than 72 hours before start time will result in the pass being added back to your account to use on another aerial service with the original expiration date remaining. We are unable to issue refunds back to your original payment method. Cancellations less than 72 hours before the start time or not showing up on time result in forfeiture of pass. There are no refunds or account credits issued. Pass cannot be altered or used for a different event or for class passes. If you cancel a special event with more than 72 hours notice, the credit is added back to your account to use on future services.


Photos will be taken in these workshops to be used for social media. You will be asked to sign a photo release form upon arrival at the studio.

Age Restriction

You must be 18 years of age or older to participate in Aerial Yoga Workshops, unless specified otherwise